3 Things to Include When Listing Your Business for Sale

//3 Things to Include When Listing Your Business for Sale

3 Things to Include When Listing Your Business for Sale

After decades of hard work and commitment, you have decided it is time to offer your business for sale. Either you want to try your leg on a new niche or retire entirely. You didn’t want to publicize you plan to sell the venture. You planned to exit the business silently to avoid the lousy perception that you are bankrupt.

However, after trying the secret approaches, you are yet to find a worthy buyer. Now, you want to place your business on the online listing. You are sure that the step will not have a negative impact on your customers or other relationships. As such, you want to know what to include in the listing details. Here are three must-haves of a credible business for sale listing:

Product information

Potential buyers have an interest on what your business offers to the customer. They want to know whether it earns the profits you are claiming, or you provided surged figures. For this reason, you need to provide relevant information about your business products. Also, this information is essential in assessing the market potential.

You might be selling your venture due to its inability to generate more profits. Or else, the products you were selling became obsolete. Hence, the buyer needs to know the business products to ensure they make the right decision by purchasing the venture. So, product information should be your priority in your listing document.

Business location

Whether you operate online or physically, your business must have a brick and mortar office. For online businesses, the office is the operations centre where order fulfilment takes place. Buyers want to know your location. You might be selling your business due to the rise in insecurity or high competition. Informing the buyers about the location will enable them to conduct due diligence research. Also, the buyers want to visit your office for negotiations. Hence, you need to disclose the business location to show you are a genuine and a serious seller.


Well, after going through your product information and knowing the location of your business, a buyer is ready to visit you. However, it might be their first time in your city or town. You need to guide them to your offices or premises by offering them directions. One way to achieve this is by providing a link to your Google My Business page. If you are yet to list it, act on it right away. With this, it will be easier for the potential buyer to reach your business with the help of Google Maps.

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